Thursday, February 11, 2010


I Have a Love/Hate relationship with the snow. I grew up in Miami, so never really had the pleasure of living with the snow. It was pretty much summer all year round. After having lived in Utah for 3 years and North Texas for a winter, I'm beginning to realize that I don't really Love the snow, but I don't always hate it either.

Today it snowed, and my daughter loved it. I love watching her experience things for the first time. She is finally fitting into her $1.50 rain boots I bought her almost a year ago at a garage sale. She loved kicking around the snow and not worrying about cold wet feet.

My infant wasn't too excited about the snow, mainly because his nose started to drip, but all in all he was a good sport and loved to watch his sister play.

Someone saw my daughter running around in the snow and asked her if she had caught a snowflake in her mouth yet. This opened up a whole new door of fun for her. She was trying to catch those snow flakes left and right. At least the lady didn't ask her if she licked the snow off the ground :)

Things I love about the snow:
♥ Chunky Snowflakes
♥ Snow angels
♥ Every thing is covered in white
♥ No bugs...think about it :)

Things I hate about the snow:
⇓ Having to bundle up the kids, worrying that they aren't warm enough
⇓ Bad drivers
⇓ scraping the ice of your windshield
⇓ getting kids in their car seats with puffy coats

What are your experiences with the snow? And how do you cope those long winter days indoors with your kids?


  1. Snow angels... living in the tropics, that's always something that I've fantasized about :)

  2. A little snow (2-6 inches) is great fun. When it gets too deep for little people to walk on their own it's not good. My daughter says every day she wants the snow to melt. Instead we just keep getting more.