Tuesday, February 9, 2010


"I want a Popsicle Mama." Is all I ever hear when I make the announcement that I will be going to get the mail. Since our mailbox is at the clubhouse my 3 year old always wants to tag along. Not just for the mere pleasure of accompanying me, but to get a Popsicle from the office. They love her at the front office, so they keep the freezer stocked for when she comes...but it's WINTER! And only she would want a Popsicle at this time. I thought a little fun in the falling snow would suffice, but no. She still insisted on her Popsicle. Maybe a cookie would change her mind? Nope...My daughter loves those darn sugar tubes.

So, I give in to her commands and let her pick a color. At least blue looked cute for a picture :)


  1. We eat popsicles year round in my house too! Following from MBC:)

  2. How cute! It doesn't matter how cold it is for ice cream or popsicles. My daughter loves milkshakes and requests one whenever she sees the McDonalds arches.

  3. that is a very cute picture! :)