Thursday, January 21, 2010

Today I:

Woke up

Left the kids in Pajamas

Checked my email

Had a friend over for some playtime (for my 2 year old, who has a hard time sharing her toys)

Had some lunch

Breastfed about 5 times

Threw in about 3 naps for my 3 month old (angel of a boy)

Skype'd with my mom for an hour

Picked up toys which were left all around our 2 bedroom apartment (it can get cramped sometimes)

Husband came home, to my relief!

But not done yet, must cook dinner...

Refilled the oil bottle with brand new EXPENSIVE virgin olive oil

Mid cooking, tipped over olive oil in which it sliced in half on our granite top, down the cabinets, on my pants, on the floor, and daughters stool

Husband put baby down in car seat to help clean up the mess, cut myself

Savanna rocked William too hard and he flew out of his car seat onto the floor, head first.

...Time out Savanna...

Finished meal, ate dinner, turned on the TV

And now blogging. Great day, ya think?!

Now to start it all over again tomorrow :) I wonder what adventures we'll have


  1. Hi hi! I just came to check you out and will put you in my inspiration section! I love it all! Can I join along even though I am in my 30s? I love that you are blogging more. It had been such a good outlet for me. Even if it feels like you are just writing out to the great vast open world and no one is really there! At least I get it out there! Ok-I will be back often. Keep up the good work!

  2. I so remember days like that. I miss them.

  3. Susan, what a cute idea for a blog! I love it!

  4. Oh my goodness, sounds like one of those days that you hope you don't have again. Sounds a little like my house though...a little nuts!

    Following from MBC. You can find me blogging here:

  5. Just popped over from MBC....

  6. Following from FFF. Though I don't know that I exactly fit your demographic goal from your sidebar:) I do have 2 toddlers- and your oil oil day sounds all too familiar. I got a smile from reading it.