Saturday, January 23, 2010

One of those days...

that never ends!

Savanna, my almost 3 year old, never naps. Which is ok some days because then she crashes at night and is in bed early. Well, not tonight! She wanted toy after toy, after snack, another bottle of milk mom, I'm not tired! Then, once in bed she got out twice. I had to bribe her with going to church tomorrow. "If you don't get to bed now, we're not going to church tomorrow." What a horrible bribe :) Haha.

Savanna isn't very keen on staying in nursery at our church, but she loves for me to stay in with her (which for me completely cancels out the reason I even go to church on sunday). Hopefully tomorrow she'll stay by herself, and I can get a short needed break.

So, I love my grocery store. When I have to go to the grocery store on my own, I freak out. Before with just Savanna I did fine. She would sit in the cart and eat a snack (Usually something she would pick off a shelf), but now I have the 2, Savanna and William who is 3 months old.

Today I only had a few things to get. So I wasn't too concerned. At our store they have these miniature grocery carts. They are a life saver. I have found that if I give Savanna something to do (like pick out a mac-n-cheese box, or some apples) she is rather pleasant to shop with. "what next mama?" is so much more pleasant than that of a restless 2 year old.

I have a headache, but was dying to post! My husband thinks I'm a little too obssessed over blogging, which he may be right, so I'm trying to have a set time to check it every evening. So please keep following! And check back often!

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  1. My daughter doesn't nap either!! Which I don't fight because 'usually' she goes right to bed! Everyone says I'm crazy (because they tend to have screaming, tantruming moody toddlers on their hands if they DON'T let their kids nap), but it works for us. My daughter is very even tempered and seems to have boundless energy until 8-9 o'clock!