Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Time for some Resolutions...

a resolve or determination: to make a firm resolution to do something.

Why is it that almost always the top New Year's resolution is to lose weight? Well, this year I have decided that since I'm always trying to lose weight it would not make the list. Here is my list:

1. Eat Healthy: I'm trying to be more concious of the groceries I buy and the food we eat. Since we are students again, going out to eat isn't always an option, but in turn this makes it easier to watch what we eat and what goes into our food. So far since we've been back from Miami I've cooked every meal. This is definitely a challenge and takes up most of my "spare time", but I have enjoyed feeling better and know that as I become mindful of what I eat I will in turn LOSE WEIGHT. So, there's Resolution #1.

2. Patience: Why is this such a hard virtue to have? I guess I've never really had much patience for anything, but now with 2 children and a husband in Law school (let alone no time for myself) Patience is really hard to come by. Savanna is getting to an age where she loves to explore and be independent. The best advice I have had so far was from my dad. I was focusing all my effort on controlling her that it was exhausting me. But he said, "Savanna is very smart. You need to guide her not control her." I guess if I restrict her too much she will lose her enthusiasm on the world around her. This will be very challenging, but I will have to allow her to "get her hands dirty" every once and a while. Patience...

3. Blogging: My first goal is to convert my entire blog into a scrapbook or journal. Any ideas? It's been almost 3 years since I started and so much has been put into this blog. What a blessing it will be to have all of these moments saved for my children to read. My second goal is to have at least 2 postings per week. That way I don't forget anything. My memory is horrible lately and I can't even remember what I did 4 days ago. Any suggestions for that as well? :)

4. Schedule Myself: I'm pretty good at keeping my agenda handy and writing down everything that happens in the day, but for this resolution I am mainly talking about the house work and meals. I found when I was planning my meals I was saving money on groceries, and I was a lot less stressed out. My friend Janielle would write down a list of 2 weeks worth of different meals, at the top of the list were meals that required fresh groceries (which she'd choose from first) and then some quick meals and other meals on hand. Then she would just choose a meal, and scratch it off as she went. This worked for us, but I never kept up with it, but it's a new year!

Secondly is my house work. Ugh, I feel as though every day I spend cleaning or doing laundry. It's really getting old. So, I have decided that I need to just realize that my house will never look perfect on a daily basis. I need to separate my chores throughout the week, and then keep up with laundry every other day. If I don't, I will just be stuck cleaning everyday and Savanna will never get out of the house.

5. Get involved: It's hard to get involved when you are so involved with your family. I need to meet more people here and get involved with the activities and provide friends for Savanna. As of now she has a few friends, in which we get together with, but she is really starting to like kids, so she needs to get involved as well. I need to get involved with my ward as well. With William it's been hard to go to church, but now that he is older we are going to start up again. Hopefully Savanna will start going to nursery and we'll make friends at church as well.

6. Read: I have so many books on my shelf I want to finish, so I will try and find time to read this year! It was easier before William was born, but I just have SO much more I have to do. But I'm sure it'll get easier. I also need to start having some scripture study with our family.

7. ENJOY EVERY MOMENT: I think this one speaks for itself. Agreed? Time flies, so quickly, Enjoy every moment.

I'm sure I have plenty more, but these are the ones I really need to work on and come to mind in this short little moment I have to blog. Till next time!

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