Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Date your husband

It's easy to get carried away with taking care of the kids and your house. We forget that we are also wives. We need to date our husbands.

This is my cute hubby and I. Aren't we cute? :) Dating helps keep the young love alive. It also helps separate yourself from the day to day monotony of marriage. Let's be real, not every day is peaches and cream, but if we at least have 1 night a week where we dedicate to our relationship we will continue to strengthen our marriages and add a little more lighter fluid to the fire...Don't let that fire burn out ladies!

But I hear you. You're saying to yourselves...




Some mom's are lucky to have family around, but not in this mom's case. I have no family near by and I'm still not comfortable leaving my babies with strangers, but here are some ideas none the less.

1. The Indian Experiment: A friend of mine had a group of friends who would switch off babysitting the other couple's kids every other Friday night. This way they would have a set babysitter for their date. In turn you wouldn't have to hire a babysitter, or dish out 20.00 extra for the evening on some unknown teenager to watch your kids. It's like the Indians used to do. Well, I can't say the Indians did much dating, but in the sense of trading services. Tit for Tat.

Soon they had 5 couples in the rotation, and were able to go out much more often.
2. The Night in Theory: Lets say you don't have a babysitter or friends (hopefully you have friends :). What's wrong with having a night in? Not every date requires much money.

Netflix is a great, inexpensive date. Your movies are sent strait to your mailbox, and if you plan it right, you will have a new movie every weekend. Renting movies costs money, and that money adds up. Joining Netflix will ultimately force you to budget your entertainment expenses.

And Cuddling up to a nice movie is always a plus.
So put those babies to bed, pop in a movie, and RELAX!

3. Nature Theory: MmMmM...there's nothing like connecting with nature. Visit a local park, take a walk at sunset or a picnic lunch. We are surrounded by natural FREE beauty. Parks are a great place to relax and have good conversation. I find at times that my husband and I never really have enough time to sit down and talk. Most of the talking we do is about the finances, or things that need to be discussed quickly before we run out of time.

Observing nature really gives you a chance to ponder what's important in life. It's the simple things that are matter most, and a simple day at the park can bring us the happiest memories of our YOUNG married lives.
JUST TRY IT...And DON'T Forget your camera!

4. The "Sunday Drive" Theory: Remember those Sunday drives as a kid? My parents used to take us all the time on a Sunday drive. My mom had a convertible, so we'd pop down the top and drive around the neighborhood. It was so relaxing.

With kids this could work in your favor. (Hopefully they aren't cranky) Take them for a ride, and if your kids are great car sleepers, you'll be able to put them to sleep in the process. Then park somewhere and talk, or make-out :) Whatever works.

So DATE DATE DATE! And let me know of any other ideas you might have. I'm sure there are plenty more!


  1. I agree! Its SO important to have a date night, you have to keep the excitement alive!
    I'm a new follower and you have a great looking blog! And yes, you both make a cute as looking couple!!
    Joe @ 20 to Life

  2. Love all these ideas! it is so important to keep the relationship between your husband and yourself alive and def. easier said than done. Really enjoy the blog. Keep it coming. Following from MBC!Come see me.