Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I love my kids, I love my family, but does having other dreams make me a bad mom?

I thought one of the reason's we were made to be the 'mother' instead of 'father' is because of our ability to multi-task.

Does taking a side job, or side hobby, make us less of a mother?

Does this mean we're neglecting our children?


It is a give in that when we sign up to become a mother we give up a lot of things.

Tis true that our husbands would most likely rather be golfing or fishing than in a 4x4 office and the mundane task of bringing in the money, but wouldn't we all?

I wouldn't trade motherhood for anything in this world. If anything I am blessed to have the opportunity to stay home with my children and enjoy every waking moment of their developing lives. But should I feel guilty if I decide to take on another activity or task?

I'd like to believe there is a right answer for my questions, but for every mother there is a different way of thinking, mothering, and decision making for their own family.

I'd love to hear everyone's input on this topic, because we are all individuals in our own right, and I love the inspiration I get from all of my followers.

{To a better week}


  1. I know I shouldn't have, but I did feel guilty about taking any time for myself during the first 3 years of my daughter's life. I really feel she is my responsibility and I take the role of primary care giver very literally. Now she's getting ready for kindergarten and I'm left to play catch up. I want to find something to occupy my time other than her. It might have been easier if I'd had at least a hobby since she was born, but it just wasn't my way.

  2. I've felt guilty before going on a "Mom's Night Out" or date night but I've come to realize that for my own life, I need that time every once in awhile (not all the time) to take a breather or to reconnect with my spouse or friends. It's especially important for my marriage and friendships to just be "us" for awhile without the kids. (Although we do often DO end up talking about them anyway! hehe)
    I also try and take a little time (even if it's just 5 - 10 minutes) each night to participate in a hobby or guilty pleasure of my own whether it's reading, scrapbooking or just listening to the sound of silence! :)

  3. Well im 22 and due anyday, i met my husband and in 40 days we were married, i live in india, with inlaws and do nothing, i cant say i have a busy day, i dont! i hate the responsibility, i hate not being able to let lose and have a good time, but im crazy in love with my husband, and i cant believe im having our baby, i already have a million restrictions, hows it gonna be with a baby!? i dont know. But god has taken me through beautifully and im sure he wont disappoint me...