Thursday, March 4, 2010

What's growing in your Bath Toys?

My Favorite segment of the Today shows is "Secret Filth Exposed".

Yesterday they had one on those cute little bath toys that our children love to play with. Lately I've been allowing my toddler to take more frequent baths, mainly because it's time for me to relax while she entertains herself. When I saw this story I was appalled.

They found that these bath toys were contaminated with fecal matter. Ecoli & Strep were just 2 of the bacterias they found on these toys. The toys with holes let germs thrive. When they opened them up they found that they were positive for staph, known for skin infections (for you moms with kids that have eczema).

Also, watch were you place these toys. Each flush of a toilet disperses fecal matter up to 20 ft.

SO...How do we let our kids enjoy their bath without the possibility pf getting sick?

♥ Give them toys without holes.

♥ After every bath, wipe them off with Alcohol or peroxide, and let them thoroughly dry.

♥ Watch for Black stuff! The moment you see black stuff build up, throw them away!

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  1. Eww. My first child had these bath toys and then they would gross me out because they would get all moldy from the water in them, so I tossed them and never got new ones. But...I never thought of fecal matter!